overnight oximetry

Purpose of an Overnight Oximetry

There is nothing like a good night’s rest.  It is no secret that we all need quality sleep to live our lives, but do you know what your body is actually doing between lights out and your alarm ringing?  The mystery of sleep has intrigued Science for years now as we new studies and revelations are constantly being revealed.  Advancements in sleep science and studies have allowed doctors to observe the quality of sleep and reveal disorders like never before in studies such as an overnight oximetry.

You may have tried changing your diet and sleep routine to a healthier regimen, but many people are suffering from sleep apnea without even realizing it.  Years of living with sleep deprivation have caused a sleep drought to feel normal.  Aeroflow has a variety of ways to observe your sleep quality, patterns, and disruptions.  You may be interested in learning more, but do not want to stay overnight in a sleep lab or resort to expensive measures.  Did you know that Aeroflow offers initial free overnight oximetry?  You can even complete in the comfort of your own home! You get started today!

An overnight pulse oximetry or OPO is a great way to see how well your body is resting.  One of the key factors is measuring the amount of oxygen in your blood.  Your organs need oxygen to function correctly and suffer whenever they are not receiving enough oxygen which is a condition known was “Desatting.”  Conditions such as sleep apnea limit the amount of oxygen that your body receives while sleeping and can cause you to wake up with a headache, feeling tired, or even feeling like you didn’t sleep at all.  The overnight oximetry records a reading of the amount of oxygen to see at which stages of sleep you may be suffering in, which could prohibit you from reaching vital REM sleep.

You may be interested in these but don’t want anything to do with blood monitoring or needles.  The Overnight Oximetry test is both painless and invasive.  Advanced technology allows this test to be done with a simple probe over your finger.  The device utilizes light monitoring device to monitor the amount of oxygen in your blood by shining it through your fingernail.  This allows your doctor to monitor your sleep without going to a sleep lab or puncturing your skin.  This effective testing method has become preferred by physicians and Aeroflow is here to provide your next sleep test.  Log on to to find out more.

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