Philips Respironics Trilogy Ventilator

One of the greatest areas of advancement in respiratory technology in recent years has been in the category of ventilators. Where ventilators were once cumbersome, intimidating, and seemed suited only for hospital use, modern ventilators are more accessible and versatile. Among the ventilators available, perhaps none are more prevalent than the Philips Respironics Trilogy Ventilator. For patients dealing with serious respiratory conditions which require the use of a ventilator, the comfort and convenience features found on the Trilogy Ventilator will surely be of great benefit.

Many people will picture ventilators as large industrial pieces of equipment that would seem out of place anywhere but a hospital. But the Trilogy Ventilator is scarcely larger than many common CPAP machines, and indeed can easily fit on a patient’s night stand or bedside table. For greater mobility, it can also be hooked to a rolling cart so patients can easily move about their home without compromising their therapy. The machine uses Philips Respironics patented BiPAP technology to provide the most comfortable and appropriate flow of both air and pressure for each patient’s specific needs. The Trilogy Ventilator can provide both volume and pressure ventilation types, and is suited for both invasive and non-invasive applications. This versatility means that the Trilogy Ventilator can be utilized by patients suffering from a wide array of different health conditions.

The greatest benefit of the Trilogy Ventilator is undoubted it’s simplicity. With a large and easy to read digital display screen, patients and their caregivers can easily monitor all relevant settings and data in real time. Additionally, the Trilogy’s SD card slot can store data for up to 1 year, allowing physicians and caregivers to have any data they may need to best manage patient conditions. The Trilogy Ventilator has both a detachable and internal battery power source in addition to the normal wall plug power cord. Each of the two battery sources is rated for 3 to 4 hours of operation, providing on average a 6 hour security window for patients should there be any interruption in power or other emergency need. The presence of these number of different safety features will provide patients and their caregivers with greater peace of mind. The Trilogy Ventilator is also set up for easy oxygen integration, allowing patients to bleed in oxygen if their doctor requires it, without any modification to their equipment needed. Weighing only 11 pounds even with the internal detachable battery installed, the Trilogy Ventilator allows patients to have easy mobility not only in their home, but on the go if needed.

Patients with serious enough respiratory conditions to mandate use of a ventilator will already be under a heightened degree of stress. That stress can be lessened by utilizing the best and most advanced equipment to manage their medical conditions. If you or someone you know needs or may need a ventilator in the future, contact Aeroflow Healthcare today. Our trained staff and respiratory therapists can discuss whether the Trilogy Ventilator is right for you or your loved one, ensuring they receive the finest in patient care. You can also find out if the Trilogy Ventilator might be covered by your insurance by completing our Qualify Through Insurance form. One of our Customer Service Representatives will review your information then contact you to discuss your coverage and options.

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