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PAP and Oxygen Care Kits

Has your doctor recently prescribed you oxygen or CPAP therapy? Aeroflow Healthcare is your choice for your respiratory needs, including items like respiratory care kits. We have helped thousands of patients receive the quality care they need and at a price they can afford. We work with insurance plans to make sure they are covering the care our patients deserve. Aeroflow is in network with virtually all commercial plans and our billing experts are ready to make sure your plan is being utilized to its fullest capacity.

You may have an excellent insurance plan, but did you know some essential components to make the most out your therapy is sometimes not covered? Insurance policies sometimes deem certain aspects “medically unnecessary” meaning they are not obligated to pay for it for you. Aeroflow has analyzed feedback from many patients to offer care kits that are both convenient and affordable. These care kits add comfort and sustainability to the most important part of therapy: the patient! Aeroflow also has more information about how to navigate your insurance plan.

For CPAP patients, a common issue can be adjusting and sleeping comfortably with a mask interface. This can be difficult to get used to as the correct mask for a patient may sometimes be bulky or they become en tangled with the tubing. A CPAP pillow is a pillow designed to allow the patient to sleep comfortably without the mask getting in the way. This works regardless of your sleep position too! The care kit also includes cleaning supplies to extend the life of your supplies. These great products are not covered by insurance but they do, however, enhance the patient’s therapy with added comfort.

Oxygen therapy can be difficult to incorporate in your daily routine. Many changes have to be made to accomplish what would otherwise be simple errands or activities. We at Aeroflow understand the transition can be tough and are ready to make your life as hassle free as possible. The oxygen care kit includes a lubricant for the patient’s nose to prevent any irritation from an otherwise harsh hard-tip plastic cannula plugged in the nostrils. It also comes with a pulse oximeter to allow the user to see where there oxygen saturation is registering at rest or during exertion. This allots for peace of mind instead of wondering “what-if” scenarios of plummeting o2 saturation.

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“I get oxygen and PAP supplies from Aeroflow. They are so quick and efficient, much better than other DMEs I’ve worked with.”
“Aeroflow is friendly on the phone and they send stuff out fast, which is important because my mother depends on them to live better.”
“I appreciate them calling me each month to ensure I don't forget to order supplies. I don't always remember, but they do!”