Benefits of a Travel Concentrator

Are you an oxygen patient utilizing portable tanks during the daytime? The transition to oxygen therapy can be difficult at first, but Aeroflow Healthcare has made the adjustment for many patients smooth and hassle-free with travel oxygen concentrator. Many people feel they would be hindered by their doctor’s recommendation to start utilizing oxygen, but did you know that portable devices have become more convenient and practical than ever? Patients are now receiving the assistance they need with methods which years ago would’ve seemed impossible.

What were once simple errands or routine visits to the doctor’s office now have to be planned for to make sure that oxygen is present during the commute. Traditionally, this means a bulky tank is toted around which can be too heavy for the elderly or sick to pick up. It also meant that the patient’s oxygen supplier had to be contacted in advance to make sure adequate tanks were available in the patient’s home. Breakthrough technology has developed portable oxygen in the form of travel concentrators and lightweight portable tanks with a conserving regulator. Oxygen can also be used at night, but this should not be confused with CPAP therapy.

Most oxygen patients are using a large floor concentrator for daytime oxygen use in the home. This means that a long stretch of tubing is connected to this as they walk about the house sometimes getting tangled or even kinked. When the patient leaves their home, they must take a portable tank with them. Aeroflow has begun equipping patients with an Oxlife portable concentrator. The unit replaces the home floor concentrator and can be transported from the home with a battery charge to ensure the patient receives the oxygen they need for daily activities. The unit comes equipped with wheels and an extendable handle making the unit portable and easy to use. The battery life also allows for an extended period of use before needing to be recharged. This makes traveling longer distance a possibility too. It is even approved for airline travel! The thought may have crossed your mind, “What would I do if the power went out and I needed oxygen?” don’t worry Aeroflow can help you with that too!

Here at Aeroflow, we understand that equipping yourself with oxygen to life your life can be cumbersome and frustrating. We have helped thousands of people adjust to this otherwise tough transition and are ready to answer any questions you may have today. Did you know we are in-network with virtually ever-major insurance carrier? Our billing experts are also ready to guide you through this process and offer it at a price you can afford! When you talk to your doctor about oxygen therapy, let them know that at Aeroflow our patients are our priority.

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